About Afrispoor Trailers

We have been developing and manufacturing incredible offroad trailers and (now) caravans for over 10 years. .


“From my own experiences at the time there was a real need for a reliable and easy to use camping trailer capable of being towed offroad.

At the time choices were limited and trailers that were available often came limping home with a broken this or that and needed alot of maintenance and repair work before the next trip. Clothes got covered in dust, nothing was easy to get to … there really was a gap in the market.

With the years of experience and some input from others using camping trailers, Afrispoor was started and we began designing and building trailers for offroad camping.

Afrispoor Trailers are built with all the elements and experience in mind from the dust and water to bumps, ruts and rust to deliver hassle free, easy to use custom built offroad camping trailers.”

David Coombes

Owner of Afrispoor Trailers


David Coombes and his team manufacture and assemble all Afrispoor caravans & trailers by hand in Durban and ship to anywhere. There are Afrispoor trailers as far afield as Europe, the USA and Australia.

Come in, call or email Afrispoor with your requirement and we will hook you up with the perfect camping partner, an Afrispoor Caravan or Trailer.

Built Africa Tough from our own experiences !

Tel : 031 569 4323 or 083 679 0685

Email : trailer@afrispoor.co.za or click here for a contact form

Address : Unit 4 Victoria Park, Sassword Road, Glen Anil Ind Est, Durban, KZN