Eezy Camper

All Afrispoor Trailers are Built Africa Tough and very reliable with convenience in mind.

They all provide a good level of comfort and usability.

The Eezy Camper Trailer Specifications

Body and construction

  • Body strength and durability are ensured by 3CR12 stainless steel construction.
  • We paint the entire trailer with high quality automotive 2k paint and bake them ( custom colour optional ).
  • Steel channel chassis that is hot dip galvanised.
  • All openings are furnished with high quality automotive industry door seals.
  • Mini container locks are used on the doors.
  • Gas bottle and jerry can holders are lockable.
  • Aluminium tread plate mounted on the front, the mud¬†guards, the jerry can holders and the side steps.
  • Interior of the doors are lined with aluminium stucco.
Size of Eezy Camper One trailer
  • Length : 1700mm
  • Width : 1500mm
  • Height : 890mm
  • Total width : 1800mm
Size of Eezy Camper Two trailer
  • Length : 2000mm
  • Width : 1500mm
  • Height : 890mm
  • Total width : 1800mm

Suspension and wheels

  • 2500kg rated, 50mm Square axle.
  • Heavy duty 8 blade springs with shock absorbers ¬†for stability.
  • 5 or 6 stud with PCD to match your towing vehicle.
  • Wheel track that matches your towing vehicle.
  • Heavy duty 48mm jockey wheel.
  • 15″ Tyres with white trail duster rims ( 16″ tyres and rims are optional )

Layout and accessibility

  • Right front door gives access to the interior.
  • Right side door gives access to the clothes draws.
  • Left front door gives access to the inside of trailer.
  • Left side door gives access to the kitchen draws
  • Rear door gives access to the groceries roller draw and other pull out draws.
  • Ample storage space all round
  • Designated space for all equipment accessories and utensils provided
  • Large nosecone housing fridge/freezer and other essential articles.
  • Interior was designed for maximum space utilisation.