Afrispoor Eezy Camper Offroad Caravans

The Innovative Afrispoor Eezy Camper design makes it one of the easiest caravans for one person to setup or close up … ever!


We are always looking to improve our product to make setting up or closing up camp a quick and easy operation that can be done by one person.

We cant think of any good reason why you would want setting up or closing up to take a minute longer than it needs to …

It doesn’t matter whether you setting up in stormy weather, trying to impress your mates or just plain thirsty … setting up your caravan should be quick and easy. The same can be said for when you are packing up … nobody wants to be battling to close up their caravan, struggling to tuck away excess canvas, folding fly nets and packing away poles in extra bags and so on. Most of the time this needs to be a synchronised team effort to avoid damage and ensure things are closed and seal properly …

Well not any more … !

Our EEZY CAMPER design gives you the option to have a slide in/out front section that will eliminate a lot of the hassle associated to closing your caravan when its time to leave.

The beauty of our design is that you can handle it on your own in no time what ever the weather.

• The fly sheet over the top tent is fixed to the canvas
• There is no external fly sheet bag.
• Less canvas support poles to fit, find and pack up
• Option for full headboard or window head board
• More spacious sleeping area
• Increased head room
• Better water run off
• Bigger windows
• Better ventilation
• No heavy lifting when closing up
• Smooth slider design on heavy duty roller bearings.

For any more information please get in touch with us using the form below or email
A video will be available soon to show open and closing of the Eezy Camper.

Eezy Camper Closed

Eezy Camper Open

Regular Fold Design

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